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Let's build your game's DNA

A boutique service specializing in lore management, wiki creation and online presence support for video game & film studios.

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Consider us the game development support class.

create worlds. We preserve them.




From early-access to post-launch, we seamlessly document and organize all your lore, art assets, design docs, and more into a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base for your team to reference remotely.

● Onboard new collaborators with ease in a custom, dynamic workspace

● Maintain the integrity of narrative and preserve institutional knowledge

public WIKI

We’ll turn your internal docs into a supercharged game wiki for players to expand, helping to boost search results and giving fans a place to discover even more of your game.

Foster an engaged fan community and invest in its growth and  longevity
Harness well-referenced information that benefits players, fans, and press

online presence

wikipedia & IMDb

We’re well-versed in the complex rules and notability policies of sites like Wikipedia & IMDb. We'll be your right hand in writing, editing and consultation on some of the world's largest media databases to do your cast & crew justice.

Enhance online presence & authenticity with reliable details and assets


Great games are built by diverse teams collaborating together.

Find out how we can strengthen the bridges that connect yours.

Our Work

We're a Producer's best friend

We help studios of all sizes manage their lore & documentation, improve their online legitimacy, and invest in their own hard work. Knowledge management is our priority as lore archivists, so developers and producers can focus on creating.

Every game is different, and development cycles are always evolving.


Our unique expertise in production, documentation and wiki management is a powerful combo that enables us to provide a customized approach for your studio and game.


Whether you're a 2-person team or a studio of 200, we stay adaptable and flexible to your needs, timelines and workflows in order to help you ship the best games possible.

Ongoing support

We're long-term supporters of your team, throughout all of development to post-launch support - we'll maintain your knowledge base even as your game evolves.

"DnA were great to work with leading up to the launch of Ravenlok. With a short on-boarding time, they were able to work independently with the resources that we provided to get the Ravenlok wikis ready to go."

Vanessa Chia


  • What does your process generally look like?
    If you're curious to know more about our one-of-a-kind service, you can always take a look at our Company Deck to learn about our mission and process.
  • You're based in Canada. Can you easily invoice and accept payments?
    Absolutely! Though we're based in Toronto, Canada, we are happy to invoice in your local currency, with final payments being converted to CAD upon transfer. We are able to accept bank-to-bank transfers as well as electronic payment through services like Interac e-Transfer, Wise and Gusto. We are fully remote and tailor our quotes to each project's needs, so reach out if you'd like to discuss pricing.
  • Who's the team behind DnA Creative?
    Hey, that's us! We're Delaney Novinka and Alanna Smith, two production professionals with a passion for games and media, seamless workflows, information management, lore & wikis, and the overall success of creative projects. We have a background in film, TV and branded video content, having worked in a variety of production and post-production roles to launch hundreds of projects and campaigns over the years. We eventually made our way into the games industry where we've since produced several showcases, collaborating with over 100+ games and studios to date. Between our unique cross-industry experience and years of teamwork, we bring an unmatched enthusiasm, expertise and efficiency to helping your games succeed on all fronts.
  • What kind of games would this work best for? Do they need to be upcoming?
    Lore management and documentation aren’t limited to a specific genre or size of game - they can all benefit from it in different ways. Some titles might need strong narrative-focused documentation while others could use more robust quest outlines, itemization and gameplay guides. We stay flexible and adaptable to meet those needs, and can work with teams early in development or closer to launch. We work with existing titles as well; whether you’re developing a new game in an existing IP, adding fresh content, remaking an older title, branching the franchise out into new multimedia, or even just want to archive your backlog for preservation - we can help with that!
  • Which platforms do you work with?
    If you're providing a game build as part of the documentation process, we can work with most major platforms (console, PC, Mac, Mobile). We are not currently set up for VR builds, though we're still happy to discuss how we can help with knowledge management on VR titles. When building wikis, we utilize Notion internally for studios and for the public.

Ready to make your Producer's day?

We're now accepting clients for our Wikia Services.

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